Software training – new strategy introduced in January 2018

Our software packages are powerful – but also complex. The large variety of possible applications and numerous program features are certainly demanding. An introductory training with focus on the user interface and basics of optical modeling significantly shortens the time it takes new users to get going.

Since our users are distributed world wide we have done more and more remote online training during the last years. It turned out that in most cases the number of questions during the sessions has been small, i.e. usually there is not much interaction. With this rather one-directional lectures in mind, we have decided to adapt our working style concerning software training.

Starting in January 2018 we will start to publish a series of recorded lectures, available and free of charge for everybody. New users can follow these sessions at their on speed and whenever there is space in their agenda. In addition to the introduction of training videos we will intensify the FAQ section of our website, hoping that we will give answers to most typical questions that may arise.

If users are interested in deeper discussion we offer to reserve some hours of intense explanations -however, this will not be in real time, and it will not be for free. We will write answers to written questions or prepare short videos, with some time delay between questions and answers. This way everybody can work at a reasonable time of the day, and no information is lost. You can simply repeat a complex procedure and watch it as long as necessary.

We hope that this new concept will prove useful and comfortable for all participants.

Current video tutorials