CODE downloads

New installation

Download the complete setup files using the link below. You will receive a zip-file with all required files and the proper folder structure.

The download file contains a folder CODE which must be copied to your PC. Avoid the Windows program folder – use something like c:\my_programs or simply c: so that the final CODE folder is c:\my_programs\code or c:\code. In order to run the program file code.exe you need to copy a so-called passport file to the CODE folder. This file contains your CODE license.

If you are going to run the software with an activated license, click on code.exe. The software will generate a small file with you activation information. Please send this file to us. We will return a passport file with your activated license.

If you have received a valid passport file from us please copy it now to the CODE directory. Then you can start code.exe. The program will move the file to a user-specific application folder. In case you need to access that folder you can ask for its location in CODE with the menu command ‘?/Show location of passport file’.

In Windows 7 you can use a right-click on code.exe to generate a taskbar icon or to create a start menu object for CODE. A double click on the start configuration start.wcd gives you the opportunity to select code.exe as the file that opens *.wcd configuration files. All these actions should work without administrator rights.

If you are new to CODE please read the document below about your first CODE steps …

CODE installation and first steps

Updating an existing program version

Download the small setup file (program only) using the link below.
You will receive a zip-file with the latest version of the program file code.exe. There might be updated dynamic link libraries and/or an updated start configuration file start.wcd as well. If so, please copy them into the CODE program folder. The start configuration needs to be replaced only if you do not have defined your own, of course.

There are 2 versions of code.exe in the zip file. They differ in the settings for the built-in OLE automation server. The ‘single instance’ version starts a new instance of CODE whenever a client creates a server object. This way you can work with several CODE servers running at the same time – they run independent of each other. If you use the ‘multiple instances’ version of CODE there is only one server running at a time. If a client creates a server object and CODE is running already (because it has been generated by another client,
for example) then the running CODE instance becomes the server of the new client as well.

  • Coating Designer version 5.36 (program only, download size about 35 MB, last update 2021-4-22). This package contains both single instance and multiple instance versions of the OLE server.

  • — warning —

    Starting with object generation 4.50 you will need 2 new DLLs ( avaspec.dll, borlndmm.dll). These are contained in the zip file that you get following the download link.

    Using Windows Explorer, create a backup of your old program file, and copy the new version of the files into your CODE directory. If the zip file contains new DLL versions, backup your old ones and replace them by the new files. New configuration files (*.wcd) delivered with the zip-file should be copied to the program directory.


    Here is a link to a flash animation showing some of the new CODE 3 features:



    The link below leads to the download of GenetiCode, our tool for automized thin film optimization based on an evolutionary algorithm. All content of the zip file must be copied to an existing CODE program directory. GenetiCode is an add-on to CODE which needs a separate license file (geneticode_passport.wtp).