DLL package

Most of our products require some dynamic link libraries (DLLs) which must be copied to the program folder of the application. Our setup procedures install the required DLLs in almost all cases.

Sometimes the easiest way to update an application is to copy the new executable file and additional DLLs to your system. The link below starts the download of a zip-file containing all DLLs required for the latest program versions. There are also some java file (extension *.jar) which are required to control OceanOptics hardware.

DLL package download (download size: 59 MB, last update: 2020-11-2)

Sometimes a program may not start and complain about a missing mtxvec*.dll. The error message may be raised even if you see the file in the program folder. This is a situation where the exsiting DLL with the right name is made for a different Windows version, and your Windows version simply ignores its existance. In this (probably desparate) case it helps to download the files below and copy them to the relevant Windows folders.

If you do not have administrator rights and cannot copy to the Windows directory you can copy all the syswow64 files directly to your program directory. If your program still does not start, then copy the system32 files to your program directory and try again …

MtxVec DLL package to be copied into the Windows folder system32 (download size: 70 MB, last update: 2014-3-20)

MtxVec DLL package to be copied into the Windows folder syswow64 (download size: 45 MB, last update: 2014-3-20)


Some Windows installations miss files starting with ‘m’ and containing the phrase ‘120’, like mfc120.dll or msvcp120.dll. SCOUT or CODE will not run without these files.

This package contains a collection that you can copy to the SCOUT or CODE program folder to make it run:

M*120-DLL package download)