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No import routine

There is no import routine for my spectra. How can I get my data into the software?

If there is not import routine for your type of spectra, you should check first if your spectrometer system can export the spectra in a format which is recognized by our software. Most spectrometer packages can generate tables of the measured data in ASCII format which can be imported using the ‘xy-format’.

In desperate cases you can ask us to write an import routine for your type of spectra. We can do this if we get a description of the data format, and if it can be done with a reasonable amount of effort.

Color fluctuation – bugfix and new feature

The integral quantity “Color fluctuation” computes the variation of color in the case of thickness fluctuations of a layer stack. Up to now the size of the “Color cloud” is computed using distances in L*, a*, b* space. You have now the additional option to compute the distance in the a*,b* plane only, neglecting fluctuations for L*.

In addition, we have removed a bug in the computation: Be aware that the values computed with the new version are different from the ones calculated with previous versions – sorry!