VisualOptics download

Click on the link below to download VisualOptics:

VisualOptics complete download (download size about 140 MB, last update: 2020-6-12)

You will get a file which contains a VisualOptics folder. Copy the complete VisualOptics folder to your PC, our recommendation is
directly to c: which generates the folder c:\VisualOptics.

If you do not have a license file yet, the program will ask you if you want to search for it. Answer ‘No’ – in this case the software will generate an activation file and show you where to find it. Please send this file to us by e-mail (theiss at

If you have a passport file visualoptics_passport.wtp, please copy it now to the c:\VisualOptics folder. Then start the executable visualoptics.exe. It will inform you about a movement of the passport file and then (hopefully) start-up normally. 

After a right mouse-click on the executable visualoptics.exe Windows Explorer shows you options to attach links to the start menu and the

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