Internet support

In some cases we offer remote support. To get direct help over the web your PC must have an internet connection. In addition, you must download and start a small client program which provides a secure connection of your PC with one of ours. The solution we offer is provided by TeamViewer ( In most cases the client software works without administrator rights.

We can give online presentations, making the desktop of one of our PCs visible on your desktop. Verbal communication is possible over regular phones or a VoIP (voice over IP) connection. If you have a webcam we can see each other using a video connection. In addition, we can draw and write on a shared whiteboard.

Alternatively, you can allow that we see your desktop and work on your PC with our mouse and keyboard. This way we can rapidly solve installation problems or repair configurations. The secure connection allows quick file transfer in cases where files need to be added or replaced on your PC.

TeamViewer Quick Support client (Version 14)