Compute the properties of window products combining panes, gases and coatings from your CODE database. SCORE computes technical data, spectra and building views, and generates your product catalog. Show your clients what they can build with your products.

The welcome page lets you select your language – at present, the program is available in English, German and French. Adaptions to other languages are easy, making use of our language editor tool (Click on the image below to get an enlarged version).


Go to the factory page and compose the glazing that you want to consider for your building. Panes, foils, gas fillings and coatings are easily dragged and dropped into the current design. SCORE makes use of optical components that have been generated with our CODE software.


When the glazing is composed you can switch to the performance page and see what properties this construction will have.


You can display numbers, spectra and even the simulated appearance of an office building equipped with your glazing.

Building simulation