Dear customers.

Sadly, my father in law Wolfgang Theiss passed away in 2022. I have taken over the company, to make sure that the software is available for you in the future.

Wolfgang previously wrote:
To keep our business up in the future, we are introducing Simon Theiss to the company. He will handle external relations and customer support. Wolfgang Theiss will develop software and assist Simon in customer support.

As he intended to explain his company and software to me with the intentions to retire within the next decade. However his sudden death did not allow him to pass a lot of knowledge about to me. However I will do my best to help you with all the requests that may come up to you.

I am very grateful for all the support and condoleces coming from Wolfgang’s former customers and collegues.

Simon Theiss


Software, hardware, problem solving for


  • Thin film analysis by spectrum simulation techniques
  • Advanced models for optical constants
  • Spectral ray-tracing investigations
  • Direct determination of optical constants
  • Realistic modeling of diffuse reflectance spectra


  • Design of thin film systems with customized optical properties
  • Architectural and car glass coatings
  • Optimization of coatings for solar applications
  • Design and analysis of optical setups by high-level ray-tracing
  • Prediction of the optical appearance of color prints and paints

Production Control

  • Thin film analysis by automatic spectrum simulation
  • Online monitoring
  • Thickness and composition determination of thin films
  • Optical inspection networks for large coating lines
  • OLE automation servers for external control (LabView or other high level programming languages)