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Fit parameter factors

The definition of fit parameters in the list of fit parameters allows you to specify a factor. This number multiplies the original value in such a way that the value displayed in the first column of the list is the product of the original value and the factor. However, fit parameter values written to the batch control tables or extracted by OLE automation did not take into account the factor.

The behaviour has been improved in the following way: The dialog for fit options (File/Options/Fit) now allows you to check the option ‘Apply factor in fit parameter transfers’. If active, the factor is used in the batch control and for OLE automation transfers (in both directions, i.e. setting or reading values). If the option is unchecked, the program behaves as before.

The option is not stored as part of the configuration, but is stored for each user as default setting. Once switched on it stays on until you switch it off.

In addition, you can check or uncheck this option by new OLE automation methods called ‘apply_factor_in_fit_parameter_transfers’ and ‘do_no_apply_factor_in_fit_parameter_transfers’.

Archive options

While BREIN is running, it produces a lot of files in the archive and the database folder. These directories are subfolders of the BREIN program directory (up to now). In order to avoid that this directory blows up over time you can use the following options to store all permanent data outside the program folder. Within the BREIN program folder only temporary files are used – so it should not increase in size any more. Make sure that the Cleaner program is running, and connect BREIN to an external SQL database if you can.

The archive can now be located anywhere in your file system – it need not be a subdirectory of the BREIN program folder.

You can switch off writing result files to the archive.

You can switch off writing scan files to the archive.

The database history files can be stored to the archive as well, instead of being stored in the product folder within the database.

Fit sheet resistance values

CODE 3.96

A new OLE command has been implemented: import_measured_sheet_resistance(a_value : float)

Use this command to pass a measured sheet resistance value to CODE. This is useful if you would like to use this value in a fit, in addition to measured optical spectra.

The value is passed to the list of integral quantities. The list must contain an object of type ‘Sheet resistance’ with the name ‘Sheet resistance fit’ – only in this case the value is passed as target value.

In order to use this value you must set the option ‘optimize’ of the sheet resistance object. If you want to fit both spectra and sheet resistance, you must set the global fit option ‘Combine fit deviation of spectra and integral quantities’.