SCOUT – other features

  • Unlimited number of user-defined views of selected spectra, optical constants or parameter values in the main window, arbitrary bitmaps and metafiles as background pictures, illustrations and explanation
  • Output to printers, metafiles, bitmaps, PDF documents or clipboard
  • Powerful automations are realized combining a timer, trigger events and automation scripts which execute user-defined sequences of actions. Besides realizing complex computations and real-time animations you can automate data acquisition: Detect the arrival of a new sample, move a spectrometer system across the sample, take spectra at dedicated positions and store the results in a database.
  • Integrated modules address hardware components like spectrometers (OceanOptics, HunterLab, tec5, Avantes, JETI), 1-, 2- or 3-dimensional actuators (which move things around) and sensors (temperature, color).
  • Remote control of SCOUT by OLE automation: Create automated reports and batch operations from MS Word, MS Excel, LabView or the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) or Bruker OPUS VB-Scripts
  • Large database of optical constants included
  • SCOUT cooperates with MySQL and Microsoft SQL server databases, exchanging complete program configurations, optical constants, layer stacks, spectra and sample information


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