SCOUT – optical model

Optical constant models

  • Classical Drude model for free carriers
  • Extended Drude model for free carriers
  • Harmonic oscillator model
  • Brendel extended oscillator model
  • Kim extended oscillator model
  • Leng oscillator model
  • OJL interband transition model for amorphous materials
  • Tauc-Lorentz interband transition model for crystalline materials
  • User-defined expressions for optical constants (including the option to define Cauchy models)
  • Imported optical constants

Various effective medium concepts for inhomogeneous materials

  • Maxwell Garnett
  • Bruggeman
  • Looyenga
  • Bergman representation

Wave propagation in layer stacks

  • coherent or incoherent superposition of partial waves
  • easy definition of superlattices
  • corrections for scattering losses at rough interfaces
  • efficient averaging algorithm for layer thickness inhomogeneities – ideal for cases between coherent and incoherent superposition
  • easy definition of gradually changing optical properties
  • Arbitrary number of layers
  • Arbitrary number of layer stacks

Computation of

  • Reflectance (or any user-defined function of it)
  • Transmittance (or any user-defined function of it)
  • Absorbance (or any user-defined function of it)
  • ATR (or any user-defined function of it)
  • Ellipsometry
  • Spectrum averaging for patterned samples
  • Photoluminescence
  • Electroluminescence
  • Arbitrary number of spectra
  • Absorption in a certain layer
  • Sheet resistance of layer stacks
  • Depth dependence of absorption
  • Depth dependence of electric field

Parameter fitting

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