Our main products are software packages developed for optics and optical spectroscopy.

The optical properties of thin film systems are the topic of our SCOUT software. Typical applications are the determination of layer thickness and composition, fitting an appropriate optical model to measured spectra. SCOUT solutions from the far infrared to the x-ray regions have been made.

CODE adds coating design capabilities to the properties of SCOUT. Many of our CODE customers work in the fields of glass coatings for buildings and cars and thin film products for solar energy conversion.
GenetiCode provides completely automatic coating design using a genetic algorithm to optimize material selection and thicknesses for coating products.

CODE is the basis of BREIN which is a software for optical production control of thin film deposition devices.

SCORE computes technical performance data of glazing products. The user can combine glass panes, coatings, gas fillings and foils by easy drag&drop operations and instantly gets data like color values, light and solar transmittance as well as U- and g-values.

The understanding of optical systems in 3 dimensions is supported by SPRAY which performs optical ray-tracing computations. The design of spectrometer accessories or the properties of light-scattering systems like prints and paints are typical SPRAY applications.

Digit is the only software product not related to optics. Digit is a freeware tool to digitize scientific graphs.

We develop hardware products that help our customers to do correct measurements, leading to reliable results of the optical analysis.