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More flexible prediction trigger

The definition of the trigger event that initiates the re-computation of the prediction page has been improved: You can now specify a range of x, y or z values, in addition to fixed values.

A setting of “1500 … 1600” for y means that the trigger event is fired whenever the condition 1500<=y<=1600 holds. This new feature is useful to handle traverse systems which do not measure at exactly the same positions when scanning a sample.

You can still set unique values like “1567” for the x, y or z coordinates.

“The program can´t start because mfc120d.dll is missing “

This problem has been described in a previous post. The recommended installation of the Microsoft redistributable package does not seem to solve the problem in every case.

We have made the missing DLLs available on our website. You can download the files here and copy them to your SCOUT or CODE program folder directly, without executing any installation routine.

The relevant program folders are (very likely) c:\scout\ (in the case of SCOUT) or c:\code\ (for the CODE software).

Poor graphics appearance on some monitors – how to avoid …

On monitors with high dpi values (small pixel size) Windows 10 sometimes decides to scale text output on graphics pages. In this case main view graphics of SCOUT, CODE and BREIN may look ugly, like on low resolution screens.

If this happens on your computer you can right-click the program file (scout.exe, code.exe or brein.exe) and select ‘Properties’ (or ‘Options’) and then open the tab ‘compatibility’. Check the option ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI settings’ as shown below:


That should solve the problem.

Thanks to S. Eraslan for pointing out this solution!

Color visualization improved

The generation of sRGB values for color visualization on computer displays has been improved. Most colors look significantly brighter now. Be aware, however, that you can still not fully trust color visualizations unless you have a calibrated screen.



MSVCP120.DLL is missing …

If you try to run CODE, SCOUT or SPRAY with object generation 4.50 or higher and you get this message please install the Visual C++ Redistributable package for Visual Studio 2013. Here is the link:

If you follow the ‘Download’ section you have to select the vcredist_x86.exe. Running this will install the required DLL files.

OJL model improved

The gamma value of the OJL model had been limited to values above 150 1/cm to avoid numerical problems. This restriction has been removed in the following way: As a new available option you can set the limit yourself, executing the menu command File/Options/Optical model/Set minimum value of gamma in OJL models. The new limit is applied to all OJL models that you use in this particular configuration. Note, however, that the new value is not stored as a general setting – it is only active and stored in the configuration you are working with.

BREIN viewer

We have started to implement a viewer application that allows to watch the BREIN operator screen on other computers in the network. The network viewers automatically get a screenshot every few seconds.