BREIN downloads

This page gives you access to the latest BREIN software modules, packed in zip files. Please backup your existing files before replacing them by new ones.

BREIN is a software package with the following main modules (for your application you may not need all of them, but a subset only):

Starting with object generation 3.88 you will need some new DLLs. These are available here:

In addition to the main modules some BREIN systems require tools for data handling like the following:

  • Optoplex_SQL_spectrum_scanner.exe (moves both inline and exsitu spectra as well as sheet resistance values from Zeiss Optoplex SQL databases into BREIN,  last update 2019-1-20)
  • brein_cleaner.exe (cleans directories by deleting overaged files, compresses archive data, last update 2020-3-6)
  • zeiss_spectrum_scanner.exe (moves Zeiss spectra from an external directory into the BREIN system, last update 2013-5-8)
  • VAAT_spectrum_scanner.exe (moves VAAT inline and exsitu spectra from external directories into the BREIN system, last update 2014-10-19)