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We also collaborate with hardware companies to provide spectroscopy solutions. A setup for thin film analysis based on components of tec5 (www.tec5.de) is shown below. The system simultaneously records reflectance and transmittance of the same sample spot within a second or less. Our SCOUT and CODE software packages have built-in drivers for tec5 spectrometer systems - you can measure and analyze with a single mouse click:

A tec5 reflectance and transmittance setup

Our SCOUT software is used in the OceanOptics low-cost spectroscopic ellipsometer system SpecEl:

Mikropack ellipsometry hardware

For FT-IR applications the SCOUT software can be controlled via OLE automation from the OPUS software of Bruker (www.brukeroptics.com).

Solutions for thin film thickness determination on small spots can be obtained combining microscopy and SCOUT. Complete systems can be obtained from A.S.& Co. GmbH (www.microspectro.de).

Our BREIN software for optical production control is used in combination with Zeiss spectrometer systems (Optoplex P and Optoplex NGQ). However, there is no limitation to Zeiss hardware - you can couple BREIN to any spectrometer system of your choice.

Using OLE automation you can implement advanced thin film analysis solutions in your factory or lab. Control all activities like moving samples, acquiring spectra or regulating temperatures by LabView, for example, and use SCOUT or CODE for data analysis, delivering film thicknesses, color coordinates, carrier concentrations or other composition information. LabView will act as OLE client while SCOUT or CODE are OLE servers, receiving spectra and delivering results to LabView.