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BREIN prediction window gets measured spectra

Measured spectra are now passed to the prediction window. In order to get this working the prediction configuration has to have spectrum objects with the same names as the Bright Eye which triggers the prediction update. Only the spectra recorded at the “trigger position” are sent.

In order to use this feature you have to get brein.exe and bright_eye_traverse.exe programs generated after September 13, 2014.

Here is the BREIN download page.

BREIN prediction feature

There is a new BREIN tab called ‘Prediction’. It predicts the performance of a final product based on the current state of the production.

The mechanism behind is the following: After the final traverse analysis the values of the fit parameters are passed to a CODE configuration which produces the prediction graph. Typically the numbers are layer thicknesses – this way the predicting CODE program knows the current layer stack and can compute the performance of any glazing product that includes the actual coating. So the operators can take a look at the final product including gas fillings and second or third panes.

The prediction is done for a single traverse position. It is triggered by the arrival of new results for this position only.

Improved start behavior

If BREIN was started after a long break during which a large number of results have been generated, the software was not responsive for a long period of time (because it was reading many result files). You can now limit the number of result files to be processed during one timer event (which happens every second). A number of 20 is reasonable and has been set as default value. You can change this choice in the Settings submenu.

Use sheet resistance values

You can now use measured sheet resistance values for analysis of traverse data. This can significantly stabilize the fitting of silver based glass coatings, in particular if you fit both silver thickness and quality (using the Drude model damping constant).

In order to use sheet resistance values, you need to update VAAT_spectrum_scanner.exe, bright_eye_traverse.exe and the OLE server code.exe. All program files must be generated on August 29, 2014, or later.

Please read this as well: CODE link

Archive options

While BREIN is running, it produces a lot of files in the archive and the database folder. These directories are subfolders of the BREIN program directory (up to now). In order to avoid that this directory blows up over time you can use the following options to store all permanent data outside the program folder. Within the BREIN program folder only temporary files are used – so it should not increase in size any more. Make sure that the Cleaner program is running, and connect BREIN to an external SQL database if you can.

The archive can now be located anywhere in your file system – it need not be a subdirectory of the BREIN program folder.

You can switch off writing result files to the archive.

You can switch off writing scan files to the archive.

The database history files can be stored to the archive as well, instead of being stored in the product folder within the database.