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Bugfix master model

With version 4.56 we have removed a bug in master models for optical constants. Saving a successful model and re-loading it could lead to a strange mix-up of parameter values in some situations, leaving the poor user with a useless configuration. We recently taught CODE and SCOUT to correctly count master and slave parameters – saving and loading should work now.

MSVCP120.DLL is missing …

If you try to run CODE, SCOUT or SPRAY with object generation 4.50 or higher and you get this message please install the Visual C++ Redistributable package for Visual Studio 2013. Here is the link:

If you follow the ‘Download’ section you have to select the vcredist_x86.exe. Running this will install the required DLL files.

OJL model improved

The gamma value of the OJL model had been limited to values above 150 1/cm to avoid numerical problems. This restriction has been removed in the following way: As a new available option you can set the limit yourself, executing the menu command File/Options/Optical model/Set minimum value of gamma in OJL models. The new limit is applied to all OJL models that you use in this particular configuration. Note, however, that the new value is not stored as a general setting – it is only active and stored in the configuration you are working with.

Batch import using Excel files

If you have used the option to export measured spectra in CODE using Excel format you can now import these spectra in batch mode.

There is a restriction, however: The spectra must be stored in the first worksheet of the Excel document, with the first wavelength in cell A1.

The number of the file format to be used in the batch control sheet is 27.

This feature is available starting with object generation 4.48.