Prediction page upgraded

The BREIN prediction page now forwards mouse clicks and mouse moves to the underlying CODE window. This opens the route to interactive operator work.

However, the prediction page of BREIN is updated every second only. This means the user interface is not as responsive as that of CODE itself.

New Optoplex SQL scanner

We have developed a new scanner software that connects the Zeiss Optoplex SQL system to BREIN. The program scans database tables for inline and exsitu spectra and feeds new spectra into the corresponding BREIN input folders.

More flexible prediction trigger

The definition of the trigger event that initiates the re-computation of the prediction page has been improved: You can now specify a range of x, y or z values, in addition to fixed values.

A setting of “1500 … 1600” for y means that the trigger event is fired whenever the condition 1500<=y<=1600 holds. This new feature is useful to handle traverse systems which do not measure at exactly the same positions when scanning a sample.

You can still set unique values like “1567” for the x, y or z coordinates.