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Key commands

What are the key commands I can use on the main view level?

Pressing m you can switch on and off the menu

The key b switches on and off the toolbar

With s the statusbar at the bottom is shown or hidden

Both the toolbar and the window frame and caption can be hidden or shown pressing p (presentation mode). If you switch off the menu and the statusbar as well and the SCOUT window is maximized, the whole screen is filled with the main view

If you have a configuration which is configured to perform a parameter fit, you can start and stop the fit pressing the f key.

Pressing e opens the list of view elements of the view which is currently displayed.

The automation timer can be started and stopped with t.

In order to setup a new configuration or to modify an existing one, press F7 to switch from the main view level to the treeview level.

Strange keyboard

Suddenly my keyboard behaves rather strange. What happened?

When you use mouse actions to re-size view elements you have to press simultaneously the Shift and the Alt key. As long as you really move the mouse nothing happens.

However, pressing Shift-Alt without mouse movement switches the keyboard layout to another language, like from English to German or Chinese. Since your keyboard hardware is still the same pressing some keys may cause surprising output. If you observe this, press Shift-Alt again until you are back at the wanted keyboard language. The current keyboard layout is indicated on the right end of the Windows taskbar (EN for English, DE for German, …).

Missing status bar

The main window used to have a panel at the bottom with several control elements and labels. Where is it?

When the software displays the main view, pressing the key ‘s’ switches the status bar on or off. Maybe you accidentally pressed this key. Do it again and the status bar will appear again.

The visibility of the status bar is saved in the program’s configuration files. When you load a configuration, the status bar might eventually disappear, depending on the settings in the file.

No window frame

The program window does not have any frame any more. What should I do?

Very likely you have pressed the key ‘p’ on your keyboard which turns the software into the so-called presentation mode. In presentation mode the window frame is suppressed.

Press ‘p’ again and the frame will come back.